I work mostly with individual adults who are going through a period of change or stress and I seek to understand them from a family systems perspective, which means I attempt to uncover the reasons for their behavior patterns by taking a thorough family history and learning how their experiences have shaped them, and then using that information to create new responses to old triggers.

One of the best ways to begin therapy and to gain understanding of how the emotional system operates in your family system is to put together your family genogram. Studying your own patterns of behavior, and how they relate to those of your multigenerational family, reveals new and more effective options for solving problems and for changing your response to the automatic role you are expected to play.

I treat the following presenting problems:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • self esteem
  • life transitions
  • childhood trauma
  • family of origin issues
  • addictions
  • career issues
  • work/life balance
  • separation
  • millitary families
  • codependency
  • parenting
  • divorce
  • postpartum depression
  • domestic abuse
  • women's issues
  • men's issues
  • family problems
  • identity
  • intimacy
  • grief and loss
  • personal growth
  • college adjustment
  • adoption
  • sexual problems

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